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Handicare 4000


  • Manual swivel seat and safety sensors as standard

  • Manual fold-up seat, arms and footrest

  • DC power as standard


  • Standard weight limit of 140Kgs

  • Automatic and powered options are available

  • Two remote controls as standard

  • Choice of  upholstery colors

  • Seatbelt as standard

  • Zero intrusion hinged rail

Handicare 4000

Using the latest technology, the Handicare 4000 twin rail system is custom built to create a perfect fit for your stairs.


The 4000 offers a range of automatic options tailored to your needs, including a folding hinge to avoid obstructing nearby doorways, and powered swivel and footrest for ultimate ease of use.  


Its stable twin rail design delivers a smooth ride whilst enabling tight bends. This system offers the tightest rail bends on the market, making it an ideal choice for spiral or curved staircases and narrow hallways. 


The rail colour can be fully customised to suit your décor, and the seat can be customised with a range of colours in three style options: the Style, the Smart, or the Simplicity. 

Available options for this stairlift

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