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Competitively priced Stairlift Servicing

Ask about a stairlift service

As your straight or curved stairlift is a mechanical unit we recommend that it is serviced by a qualified engineer at least once a year, possibly more if the stairlift is used often and by more than one person.

If your stairlift isn’t working properly and you require urgent assistance, please call 01384 931034.

For non-urgent maintenance enquiries or to ask about a stairlift service, simply fill out the Service Request form below.  One of our friendly customer service advisors will get in touch with you within one working day.

What can you expect from a service by RVP Stairlift Services?

To keep your stairlift in optimum condition, it requires regular servicing and upkeep to make sure everything is running smoothly. At RVP Stairlift Services our knowledge of all kinds of makes and models means we will be able to keep any stairlift working at its very best.

Much like a car – or anything else that has complicated moving components – they do need a bit of tender loving care, which is where stairlift servicing comes in. Simple problems, such as dust, can over time cause issues with mechanisms or failures with electrical components and can impact all types of stairlifts, making servicing and repairs key. A stairlift engineer will also check major parts of your machine such as the batteries, rail maintenance and any remote controls that are used on a daily basis – to ensure everything works as it should.

Our knowledgeable team can spot these hiccups early on during a routine service and fix them before they become a larger and costly problem. We advise our customers to make a note on their calendars for a service, even if their equipment is newly installed (installation anniversaries are a popular pick) and book this in as soon as possible to avoid emergency breakdowns.

But if you do get stuck with a broken stair lift, or are experiencing ongoing problems, don’t hesitate to get in touch with one of our team who can arrange a call-out and repair it for you. 

We know a stairlift is integral to your life at home, which is why our technicians will aim to get it back up and running on the same day you get in contact with us.  Our engineers have a wealth of experience with fixing all types of stairlifts, regardless of name, make and model, backed by an excellent stock of parts. 

Whether we installed your stairlift or not, we are confident that our team can get you on the move again as soon as possible. Call us today on 01384 931034 to book a call-out

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For top Stairlift Servicing, contact RVP Stairlift Services now on

01384 9310349

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